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Fill me with Wonder

The immersive experience

2019 tour

Fill me with Wonder 2019

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About us

Absolut Yoga

We believe that merely daring to step out of your comfort zone is enough to feel free and fulfilled. Far from the race for performance, we create spaces for socializing, helping each other and - why not - having pure fun!

Absolut Yoga organizes yoga sessions that energize entire groups. Imagine the enjoyment of a class with your colleagues at the office or corporate events. Now, that's breaking out of your routine!

The amazing sense of well-being that yoga provides inspired us to create the Fill me with wonder tour. A grandiose celebration of our passion for yoga that we're sharing with as many people as possible, from beginners to teachers!

Come and join us !
The Absolut Yoga Team

Event Experience

Get Energized !

We're convinced that learning yoga is all about pleasure. That's why our themes are so fun and always spectacular.

Feel the collective energy of a great event that is absolutely out of the ordinary !


Collective Yoga

Pleasure first! Relieve all this stress. Unwind and breath.


To boost your energy

Awe-inspiring decor, spectacular lighting effects and vibrant music. An enchanting atmosphere !


With passionate people

Share the moment with an enthusiastic crowd. Nothing beats collective energy !

The Immersive Experience

Fill me with Wonder


The Grand Opening

We welcome you with a stunning performance

A moment of wonder presented by professional circus artists !


Collective Yoga

Pleasure, first and foremost !

We learn so much better while having fun. Join the movement !


High-Profile Conferences

Creative ideas to realize your full potential

Inspiring and always entertaining testimonies !


Balancing Yoga & Family

Everyone is welcome

Introduce the whole family to yoga! We even offer a daycare service for the little ones! *

* Online registration only. Charges apply.

More than 1500 yogis are gathering !

Are you ready ?

Yes, Absolutely !

Inspiring and Entertaining

Keynote Speakers


Mélissa Normandin Roberge

The queen of glitter !

Increase your confidence and resilience to finally have the life of your dreams.


Olivier Paré

Founder of l’Ultime Sommet de la prospérité

Discover innovative resources and tools that help entrepreneurs build on the best version of themselves.

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